• Nicolas Gauthier

    Nicolas has been collaborating for the past 9 years with his partner Daphné, combining their love of video (him) and photography (her).

    Once influenced by contemporary art and elaborate stage and lighting reminiscent of Gregory Crewdson, their style has now evolved towards photo-essays and documentaries, leading them to work closely with people. While their love of rich and sleek images remains, it is rather their visual edge that characterizes them.

    Nicolas & Daphné are a team that loves working off the beaten path. They are storytellers, no matter the subject or the tone. They complement each other perfectly: one’s spontaneity and the other’s attention to detail come together to create the best content possible.

    Together, they love surpassing themselves, taking chances and waiting for the perfect lighting to make the everydayness extraordinary! 

    Clients: Trinôme, Trio Orange, Fairplay, Ubisoft, Curious Montréal, Evasion, APTN..