• Daphné Caron

    Daphné is a photographer that needs to go deep into every subject. She has no interest in skimming over a story, or personality. Her desire to get to the essence of things is clearly evident in her series of photographs and portraits on location.

    This way of working allows her to capture the intimate side of her subjects in captivating environments that reflect their personalities.

    She tells her stories with sensitivity and openness and shares rich, textured images that reveal the authenticity of every encounter.

    Between early walks with Lili, her Boston Terrier, and the frantic life of a freelancer,

    Daphné enjoys the spontaneity and freedom that can only come from her chosen career.


    Sidlee Toronto, Cossette, Montreal Tourism, Mazda UK, Caribou, LaPresse+, Birks Magazine, URBANIA MEDIA, L’actualité Magazine, Ricardo Media, Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal, Kabania, Duceppe.


    • LUX - Series Ninja of Blueberries - Caribou magazine  - Grand Prix (2017)

    • LUX – Personnal reseach (2016)

    • LUX - Stills - "nature morte" (2015)

    • Applied Arts - Yound Blood - series (2012)