• Simon Villeneuve

    In 2005, Simon Villeneuve enters the world of TV and cinema as a director of photography. After working many years as a DOP, Simon decides to expend his field of expertise and in 2011 he starts directing tv series for Evasion and APTN netwoks. To this day, he directed more than 60 tv épisodes, ranging from magazine to documentary shows and he also directed corporate videos and commercials.

    As a DOP, Simon worked on more than a 90 music videos, 75 commercials and corporate videos, 2 fiction features, 20 short films and more than 100 fiction web series episodes. In 2017, « Radius » the second feature lenght Simon shot as a DOP will come out in theater and he will start shooting the second season of the TV series « Lâcher prise » for Radio-Canada.